Colorado Catchup

Boy am I WAY overdue for a post! It has been a little over a month and a half since our move, and I am happy to say that we are starting to settle in very nicely. We love our new house, we have awesome and friendly neighbors whose children like to play with ours, the weather has been beautiful and we are starting to try to plug into the community. The kids are adapting well to their new school, even though they do still frequently ask about their old teachers and friends. Here are a couple of videos of them showing off things they learned at their new childcare:

Riley singing the months song:

Connor naming some shapes:

Within the time since our move, Connor and I took a quick trip to celebrate Bao and Tony's engagement as well as the expected arrival of Lam baby #3! We are so excited about our growing family!

Baby sister and new BIL

Ngo sisters with a Cameron on the way

And just this last weekend, my parents came into town to check out our new house and explore our surrounding area. We took them down to the Garden of the Gods, tried to hike up Castle Rock, explored the Asian market scene of Denver and really just spent time with them, creating memories for Riley and Connor. The kids have become so attached to their YY and Nana.
hiking with YY and Nana

And now the whirlwind of travels and visits has subsided (for now) and in the quiet of it all, it is incredibly emotional. I miss my family, my friends from everywhere and am back to trying to establish a new life here. It has been exciting but also slightly daunting, but I always keep in mind the strong network of people I have in my life and I know that it only great things will come out of this move.

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