Christmas in Colorado

We have been Colorado residents for 5 months, and within that time, we have travelled all over the place (not complaining-- Colorado is a great hub for traveling, and we love to travel!) But we decided to slow down and enjoy a quiet Christmas in our new home this year with our small family of four. Our community is amazing with throwing together events, so the kids got to enjoy a pancake breakfast withSanta Claus: 

Riley helped me bake some pistachio cream cheese cookies, which are an Oberly family tradition that we are trying to pass along:

We left some out for Santa and used him as leverage to get the kids to sleep. They woke up the next morning and unwrapped presents in 5 minutes that took me 3 days to wrap. On that note, I'd like to publicly thank all of our family and friends who so generously spoiled these guys this Christmas. They were off of school for the week and we had enough books and toys to entertain them the entire time (and then some!) It touches my heart to know that they are so loved and I am so completely thankful. 

Hope your Christmas was just as toasty and full of joy as ours was!

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