Cameron Michael

One of my greatest joys is being an aunt. I am lucky enough to have an army of sweet nieces and nephews, and we've recently added another cutie to the bunch: my Chi Hai's 3rd child, baby Cameron Michael.

Eric watched the kiddies so that I could take a trip out to meet this sweet boy and help Chi Hai out. Cameron was amazing. He nursed like a champion, slept like a champion. He has a sweet demeanor but will definitely let it be known when he isn't happy/comfortable. He is super snugly and smells delicious. I miss this sweet face so much


Celebrating his 1 month 
I also got to spend some quality time with my favorite twins, Aidan and Brooke. They are super kids and it was not a surprise to me that they are super big siblings to their new baby
Me with the Lam trio
It was such a relaxing trip, especially for having a newborn around. They grow up so fast, I am so thankful for the chance to spend quality time with baby Cameron. But now I miss them all more than ever!

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