Eric's 34th Birthday

First time celebrating his bday vs today
Eric turned 34 today. We spent the day pretty much doing what we would do any other day, until we had dinner with our small group from church, followed by cake and ice cream at home with the kids. My how far we have come from the first time we celebrated his birthday together-- in 2007, at the Indy 500. I couldn't help but think back from at time and the journey that has taken place to get to where we are today. There have had transformations of all shapes and sizes, besides the obvious additions that are our Riley and Connor. We have moved out of state twice. We have grown in our faith. We have endured the normal and not-so-normal ups and downs of life, and as I get ready to call it a night, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am thankful to have a partner in life who I know without a doubt is my constant. I am thankful for a husband who I can grow with. I am extremely humbled by our journey thus far, and I am eager and excited at the thought of where our life will go, knowing that I have him to hold my hand through it all.

I love you, Eric Oberly. Happy birthday!

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