Dancing Queen

During the month of June, Riley was enrolled in a toddler ballet and creative dance class. She had been talking about wanting to go to dance class (probably from the influence of her Chi Ba Brooke). But Riley is my introverted child, and sometimes she comes up with these great ideas but her shyness inhibits her from following through. Not wanting to spend a ton of money on a trial, I signed her up for a month-long class at the Recreation Center, where I teach Zumba. She met with her class every week, and the instructors have a policy that doesn't allow parents to be present until the very last class. I was so surprised and proud of my Riley this past week when she got to show off what she had learned.

Here is a video of an exercise where the girls are to associate music/sounds with a particular movement/action:

And here is a video of her applying what she learned to "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes":

She is so engaged and she so genuinely enjoys learning how to dance. It makes me so happy that she has this as a potential outlet for her.

Love my artsy fartsy child.


Sing Peace Around the World

The school year has officially ended, which is a weird thing for a mom of toddlers to say, but I digress. Riley's preschool put together an adorable Spring recital. Riley continues to have a genuine passion for music and singing. She was very excited about the concert and spent almost every night asking me to play the music for her to practice. Here is a little video of my starlette and her class singing "Sing Peace Around the World":