Soccer Buddies

Now that the kids are a little older, we are trying to put them in some activities that they might enjoy. When we asked Connor what he wanted to do, he said soccer. And he was not kidding. The boy not only loves playing soccer, he is also really pretty good at it.

I had the privilege of accompanying Connor at his soccer practice today. My little dude came onto the field, and immediately said "Hi Coach!" to the young man running his practice. There were about 7 other child/parent pairs on the field. And I was beaming at my little athlete. He retained all that he had learned last week and was constantly chosen to set the example of an exercise for his team. He spoke with confidence. He performed like a child well beyond his years. He was a star. I could not be more proud of our Connor.


Loving Siblings

I know it is not the first time (nor will it be the last) that I mention that one of my greatest wishes for my children is for them to love each other. Now that Connor is a little older, speaking a lot more and understanding imaginative play, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the two of them really playing together and enjoying one another. Like this cute little exchange:

To most, this video probably seems like no big deal. But as their mom, someone who has and continues to break up their conflicts, this video fills my heart with so much joy. These moments are starting to show up more often and it excites me for what their future holds for them as siblings.

Caught them in a cute moment

Hugging more often nowadays


Oberly Hiking

Our second summer in Colorado is coming to an end, and this summer we dedicated a lot of our time to locally hiking. With the kids being older now, it has become a new activity for us to enjoy together as a family. 

Hiking up Castle Rock

We could see our house from here

At the top of the ridgeline nearby
We have so much left to explore and are so excited to continue to familiarize ourselves with beautiful Colorado