Connor's 3rd birthday

Tomorrow, this sweet face turns 3 years old and I don't even know how to begin to lay out how that makes me feel.

This past year was major for Connor's development. Over the summer, it was like a light switch went on and he just started talking, and hasn't stopped since. The boy LOVES to talk… and in one volume-- loud! He has something to say about everything.

He is still as silly as ever, he loves to laugh and he loves to make people laugh. His current interests include TMNT (Leonardo is is favorite), Baymax from "Big Hero 6" and a show he calls "big transformers". He still very much enjoys soccer, he is starting to really love building with legos and magnet toys.

He pronounces Riley as "Rally" (which is still am improvement from when he called her "Ridey"). He still mispronounces "Batman" ("Buttman") and his newest mispronunciation is "Star Whores".

Connor is my extroverted child. He makes friends everywhere and is loved by all his peers at school. He has no problems telling us what he wants, and what he doesn't want is especially clear. He continues to challenge me as a parent, in his stubborn ways. But he is also very cuddly and loves his mom, and I am enjoying every minute of that.

 He is my special boy. He is fun, loving, sweet, sensitive, thoughtful, goofy. I look at him and I remember feeling unsure about adding to our family so quickly and now there is no such life without Connor in it. He completes my heart and our family. I love this boy and I am so proud and blessed to be his mommy.

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