Love and Basketball

It has become a birthday tradition for Eric to take Connor to an NBA game when the Pacers are in town to play the Nuggets. Connor showed interest in basketball at a very young age. So even last year, at the sweet age of 2, He was able to sit through the entire game (well, at least until it was bed time) and was fully engaged and excited the entire time. This year was no different.
Father and son at the game

Loving every minute
I was informed that the night was filled with sweets and treats of all sorts. But when they got home, it was 9 pm (an hour past his bedtime), and my sweet boy ran in and was halfway through the door when he said "Mom! I had a good day! I saw Paul George!", clearly the highlight of his evening. And as I was getting him ready for bed, he was still buzzing with excitement, the same sort of feeling I can relate to after having experienced something incredible. I heard him talking and giggling to himself while in bed, the kinds of sounds that just exude happiness. And his happiness makes me so happy.

Love my little baller.

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