Sunny Christmas in 2015

With the kids' daycare shutting down between Christmas and New Years, we decided that if we were going to have to take time off to entertain them, we might as well entertain all of us. So this year, we decided to spend our holidays in Florida.

Every single time we've visited Florida, it has always been a relaxing vacation. This trip was no exception. Every morning's toughest decision was "beach or pool?" The kids spent an average of 4 hours a day in the pool. They have both improved so much in swimming and overall confidence in the water. And let's not even start to talk about the tan lines.

Connor getting his feet nice and sandy

Eric's dad watched the kids so we could watch the Colts/Dolphins game

My animal lover got up close and personal w/ this iguana

ringing in 2016

last day of vacation

Oberlys by the sea
It was such a memorable trip for us. It makes me happy that the kids are starting to develop fond memories of places that hold such awesome memories for Eric and myself.

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