Ba Noi

I have had mixed feelings about putting down in words the many thoughts that have been swirling my mind all day. Mostly because I don't know the words that can do justice the wonder that was my Ba Noi.

She put sugar in our rice crispy cereal.
She wouldn't let us drink anything until we had finished eating.
She walked us to our bus stop every morning, and was there waiting for us every afternoon.
She let us sleep in her room to watch phim tau with her during the summer.
She had a twig waiting for us when we didn't come home as expected.
She memorized the movements for the game "burger time" on her atari.
She had us quiz her on American history.
She memorized bible verses and recited them to us to exercise her memory.
She partook in tai chi at the park with her friends.
She made banh chung and banh it like nobody's business.
She hardly missed an episode of "the Price is Right".
She always had candy, cookies, and cereal bars in her dresser drawers.
She hardly ever missed church and was loved by all that attended with her.
She had to be home from church before we could open our Christmas presents.
She gave the best sniff kisses.
She loved her husband.
She loved her children.
She loved her grandchildren.

Man, did she love us. I can remember a few tougher times in my life when she just knew exactly what I needed. I can remember a few not-so-smart moments in my life, and she loved the heck out of me anyway. I remember her tears when I moved out of California. The sound of her voice is etched hard into my mind. And the way that her face lit up when I did come back to visit made me feel beyond special.

I am so grateful that she got to meet Eric, Riley and Connor. I am thankful for them to have gotten to feel her love and joy. It is my hope that my children will know how awesome she was. There is no way that we can be where we are today had it not been for her love and her sacrifice.

She lived a fulfilling 95 years of life. And although I find comfort in her peace, I miss her terribly.

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