Easter 2016

This year, we stayed home for Easter but that did not make it any less special. In fact, this might've been my favorite Easter to date. 

In crazy Colorado weather fashion, we were greeted with the biggest Spring snow storm since 2006. But when life hands you snow, you get festive and make snow bunnies.

We also decided to attend Easter church service on Saturday, to help with the crowds expected on Easter Sunday. I can't say enough great things about our church and their children's ministry. Riley and Connor each had a craft involving Jesus and we tried our best to explain to them what we were celebrating this funfilled weekend.
Dressed up for Easter service
The kids went to bed and I immediately started playing Easter bunny. They had baskets filled with goodies waiting for them, and of course eggs hidden throughout the house (thanks to the snowstorm). The Easter bunny left eggs outside each of the kid's bedroom doors, and the excitement of finding those eggs is what Eric and I got woken up to. Riley ran into our room early the next morning, Connor shortly at her tail, and was out of breath from excitement, explaining to us that the Easter bunny had arrived and even went into her and her brother's rooms. It was still dark out, so we had to turn on the lights for them to see the rest of the chaos the Easter bunny had left. After the found all the eggs, sweetfest 2016 began with breakfast:

We spent the day doing more Easter crafts, took a nice sugar crashed nap and had Easter lunch/dinner with the Dunns, where more Easter egg hunts were to be found. 

That night, I tucked Riley in and she was still grinning and told me that today was the best day ever and Easter was officially her favorite holiday. It really was a sweet day for our family, and I also fell asleep smiling about it. 

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