Strait to Vegas

Here's a very important milestone in our children's lives-- for the very first time, they were away from both their parents. My lovely mother-in-law flew out to take care of the kiddies so that Eric and I could get away and have some grown-up fun for a few days. Our destination-- Las Vegas!
Eric soaking in Fremont Street

The world's largest golden nugget!

The most important meal of the day,
courtesy of Todd English

King of Country-- George Strait
We met our good friends the Pfeiffers out here, spent a little time gambling, a little more time drinking, but a lot of the time laughing. It was a fun-filled and relaxing trip-- much needed for Eric and myself. We haven't vacationed together just the two of us since the summer before Riley was born.

My MIL was amazing-- she had an event every day for the kids. She had them engaged and interested in something every day. That made it that much easier for us to relax while away from them.

With how well this trip went, I am surely looking forward to many more getaways like this.


Breckenridge Staycation 2016

We just got home from what was one of my favorite family vacations. It is so interesting to experience things we've done before so differently now that the kids are getting older and are able to do so much more.

We left for Breckenridge on Friday morning and arrived at Frisco Adventure Park shortly after lunch. We took the kids tubing and they loved every single second of it. I can't even tell you how many times we went up and down these slopes.

At Frisco Adventure Park

Eric and Riley tubing together

Connor man and me tubing together
Here's a little video I managed to capture of the 4 of us tubing together. The happiness on the kids' faces make my heart swell:

The next day, we checked the kids into ski school. I got a ski lesson myself and Eric brushed up on his skills solo. It was unique for each of us to have our own thing to do, but it proved to be really fun. In true Connor fashion, he spent his day flirting with his instructors and making them laugh. Riley was our superstar ski student. She even got on a lift and went down a long slope. I managed to get some footage of her skiing at the end of the day, and I could tell she was very tired but she was so determined to learn and I love her for it.
Looking handsome. No skiing involved.
Here's the clip of Riley skiing:

The bedtime routine that night was so easy-- everyone was exhausted from our long day. We rested up and headed home the next morning, and the kids were so disappointed to leave. And I was a little, too. It was just such an enjoyable vacation, we made so many sweet memories, and I can't wait to do it again next season.