Say Cheese!

To say I dislike going to the dentist is an understatement. I attribute it to the traumatic experiences I had as a child. With that in mind, it was a goal of mine to make my children's dental experiences as comfortable as possible. And with the help of amazing pediatric dentists in our area, it appears that goal has been achieved.

We went in for the kid's biannual visits this week. Connor took his first x-rays and Riley took her first molar x-rays. I was so impressed with how calm and comfortable the kids were in every scenario.
getting ready for cleanings

making the dentist look cool

looking cute for xrays
On the topic of cheese, the kiddies also experienced their first visit to Chuck E. Cheese. Riley was invited to a birthday party and Connor came with us. The visit was perfect-- there were so many things for kids their ages to enjoy. They loved it and have been begging me to return ever since. It makes for a good bribe when behavior issues arise. 

Mommy rules this game, son.

cheesing for Chuck

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