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My first born is officially riding a bicycle. I cannot even tell you what kind of emotions this has me feeling. I cannot believe she is big enough to be doing this. But above all else, I am so so incredibly proud of her.

Bought this bike with her own money
When Riley was just a little over a year old, we got her a push tricycle. It has no pedals and converts to a balance bike. We had spoken to a lot of seasoned parents about it and they suggested this learning method with high praises. And after our experience with it and Riley, I completely share those praises.

Riley transitioned to a Schwinn balance bike last year and by the end of the summer, she was riding pretty confidently.

When sunshine finally approached this year, she hopped on and we knew she was about ready for a pedal bike. 

I flashed back to when I learned how to ride a bike. I vividly remembered my dad pushing me off to a start and holding on to my seat and running along side me as I pedaled. I was fully prepared to do the same for Riley, but to our surprise, her transition to a pedal bike was completely independent. She hopped on and figured it out right away. 

Here is a video of what is probably her third or fourth ride on a bicycle:

I wish I could described in words how much determination was exuding from my little girl. We could tell that the day would not come to an end until she was comfortably riding a bicycle-- and that she was. She's been on a bike every day since, always with the biggest smile on her face. 

That joy in its purest form is the ultimate reward for any parent. 

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