Words To Live By

One thing I always seem to hear when I talk to others about my young children is "they grow up fast." And lately, that has felt like an understatement. In a few months, my first-born will be five years old. I have no idea how that is even possible.

One of my favorite things about having young children is the way they pronounce certain words. They eventually grow out of these mispronunciations but I never want to forget them. I find it so sweet and adorable, and I hope to document as many of these words as possible.

Connor calls his sister "Rally"
One of their favorite things to eat for breakfast is "shaw-shig"
When we go to the pool, Riley wants to put on her "bay-bing suit"
Connor came home and told me his school had a practice "potato drill" (tornado)
When racing, Connor wants to "beep" the other person (beat)
"milkshakes" are currently "shake milk"
"dessert" used to be "bessert"

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