Roughing It

We kept the Colorado exploration rolling by taking the kids on our first overnight camping trip. We intended to include camping on our road trip, but storms and cold weather were in the forecast and Eric and I decided we didn't want the kids' first camping experience to be a bad one.

With only so many summer weekends left, Eric looked up a nearby campsite which lead us to Columbine Campgrounds. He also threw in a little fishing expedition for the kids. We went to Mt. Evans Lake, where they fish were practically begging to be caught, which made for a great time for the kids.

Connor caught a 14-incher

Can you see the pure joy on her face?

Riley helped gather fire wood

Proud of their dinner

Sleeping cozy in the tent

Somebody slept in

A successful first camping trip
The kids did great! Riley was so intrigued by everything (no surprise there-- she's always been our nature girl). I'll be the first to admit that I am not a camping enthusiast, but I can say with all honesty that I loved this trip. Getting to see how much the kids enjoyed every moment of this made it pretty awesome for me too.

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