Riley's Bee Day

Ever since she won her class spelling bee, Riley has been obsessed with bees. So when I asked her how she wanted to celebrate her 5th birthday, it was a no-brainer for her. We were going to have a bee party.

turned the kitchen into a bee hive

can't believe she's 5

had the kids decorate their own bee shirts

pinata time

bee cupcakes

with her best gal pals
Riley continues to be my sweet girl. She is very caring and values her friends and family (even if sometimes we have to remind her to be nicer to Connor). She soaks up knowledge like nothing I've ever seen. And while I always pegged her as my intellectual child, it turns out she is also really athletic. I don't know if her talent is natural, but even if it isn't, Riley has shown that she is dedicated to reaching a goal, be it learning how to climb monkey bars or learning to spell her toughest words. She still loves to sing and dance, even if she is still on the shy side. She is my rule follower. She loves to color and all sorts of arts and crafts. She is silly, loves to laugh and make those around her laugh. I love her innocence and her big heart for Jesus. She is truly something special, and I will never know how I got so lucky to be her mom.

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