Ahoy, Oberlys!

We have frequently spoke about possibly taking a Disney cruise vacation, but we were afraid of dropping a ton of money only to find out the kids would fall victim to seasickness. So while we had some downtime in California, we decided to take a little "tester" cruise out of Long Beach. We spent 4 nights at sea, with stops in Catalina Island and Ensenada. Not only did the kids not get seasick, they absolutely loved cruising! They really enjoyed the onboard activities, exploring the ports, and every now and then they'll still tell us they miss all the food available to them.
So happy to be in a cabin

Watching the shop take off with YY and Nana

Smiles in Catalina

A little family sightseeing 

In Mexico with my babies

Fun times in kids club

A knight and a queen

Professional cruisers


Thanksgiving 2016

Last year, Eric could really sense how much I missed my family during the holidays, so he planned for us to celebrate Thanksgiving in California this year. Not pictured was the scrumptious Thanksgiving spread my siblings laid out (never have I been so happy about leftovers!) But there are plenty of precious pictures of the kiddos hanging out with their cousins. They had such a wonderful visit and I am so happy they got to share so many memories with their family. 

Cousins getting ready to head to Chuck E Cheese

Packed car!

They waited so patiently for this moment

Hands on fun at Adventure Playground

Time for some modeling

Sweet cousins