Christmas 2016 in FL

With the kids' school closing between Christmas and New Years, we decided to again spend the holidays in Fort Lauderdale. You have to know that this is one of my favorite vacation spots. The kids spent every day in the pool and/or at the beach. By the end of the trip, they were excellent swimmers, we were super relaxed and it was an overall awesome vacation

Christmas day on the beach

With my beach babes

Told the kids Santa didn't bring mommy and daddy
gifts because we stayed up to take his photo

ringing in 2017


Pier hugs


Connor-san turns 4

This year, the baby of our family turned 4. Since Riley's birthday, Connor figured out that themed birthday parties are a thing. So, he insisted on having a Ninja party. 

Unleash the veggie dragon

went a little overboard on decorating

some ninja food

cheesy ninjas

our intense celebrant with his friends

Riley rolling some sunbutter and jelly sushi

punching for prizes

Swinging for candy
What can I say about Connor? He is as silly as he is loving. He loves to make everyone laugh. He continues to be a social butterfly-- I can't go anywhere in town without being stopped by a little girl pointing at me and saying "Connor's mommy!" He is obsessed with superheroes, TMNT, building with legos and magnets. He is still a momma's boy (I will take that for as long as I can). He loves to dance. He still enjoys soccer and basketball. He loves the snow.

Connor is very open about his feelings. All feelings. He will tell us when he's sad. There is no need to tell us when he's angry-- he makes it known. But above all, I love how much he vocalizes his love for his parents and his sister. His prayer at dinner time is always appreciation for mommy, daddy and Riley. He is very gracious about sharing everything with Riley. He loves to play with and wrestle Daddy. And he loves to kiss every inch of mommy's face. He is truly something special and I will always be thankful that God knew we needed him in our family.