Halloween 2017


picking out our free pumpkin

Boo at the Zoo


still obsessed with hamsters

this is how we roll

little game of cat and rodent


Indiana/DC trip

As previously mentioned, work summoned us to come back into the office for training. The training coincided with Riley's fall break, so we took the entire week off and decided to make a visit to Indiana, en route to Washington DC. It was a jam packed trip!

Our Indiana visit included Riley Day's festival, Garth Brooks concert, Colts vs 49ers, the zoo, and the kids stayed with Grandma and watched their cousins play soccer as well as visited the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

Eric and I left Indiana before the rest of the fam to head to our training. We got to reunite with some dear friends we haven't seen in a long time. Mom and the kids flew out and we took them on a whirlwind of sight-seeing, which included two Smithsonians and plenty of the monuments on the National Mall.


Riley turns 6

This year, Riley's birthday fell on her Fall break. As it just so happens, work was also sending us back into the office for training. We decided to take this time and use it to travel so that Riley could celebrate her birthday with family. 

sharing some cake with friends on her actual birthday

rock climbing with her cousins

special cake ordered by Grandma
How has it been 6 years since our parenthood journey began? I remember, like it was yesterday, laying in the hospital bed, feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness and nervousness. Before us was this beautiful, perfect little life with limitless potential. I looked at my baby and felt so much joy and hope. And it each passing day has continued to bring so much happiness and love. Riley is a sweet girl. She is bright beyond her years. She loves crafts. Learning appears to come easy to her. She is starting to come out of her shy shell, and attracts friends easily. She is very sweet to her brother. She is kind to animals. She knows more bible verses than I do. She is complex with her emotions. She literally makes me smile every day. I will never know how I got so lucky to be her mom, but I will forever be thankful for it.


Pottery/Bronze Anniversary

Eric arranged a family event to celebrate our anniversary 
Not a surprising choice for our Connor

Utter concentration

Commemorating our 8th year of marriage


Frozen: the Broadway-bound musical

Riley had the opportunity to experience her first show this year. We had a sweet mother-daughter date and headed to the Buell Theatre in downtown Denver. 

Riley insisted we matched

exploring before the show

in awe of the set

not a bad seat in the house
Watching her be amazed by show magic is something I will never forget. She asked question about how they built the set, made it look like it was snowing, how Elsa changed her dress so quickly, how do the child actors look so much like the adult actors. She found every little detail to be wonderful, and I soaked in all her excitement. We already have tickets to see Aladdin when it comes to town in April. I love making this memories with our sweet girl.


Riley the Kindergartener

How did this happen? How is my first-born old enough to be in Kindergarten? It was an emotional build-up to drop our sweet girl off at her first day of grade school, but no surprise, Riley did very well. She knew some of her classmates from her previous daycare, which helped ease my shy babe into her new class. On the second day of school, she took a math placement test and was placed in first grade math. She came home very excited to tell us about her class room, the new class rules, the special classes they have her in. To say we are proud of our baby girl is a complete understatement. While her growing up is sometimes hard for us to swallow, I am so excited to see what the future holds for this bright and bold young lady of ours


Aspen Valley Marathon

Eric has always had a bucket list item to run a full marathon. He had attempted to train several times, but it always resulted in injury. But not this year-- he was able to achieve that goal, and I ran the half to cheer him on. The race took place in beautiful Aspen, we decided to make a vacation out of it.
First stop, Maroon Bells

Beauty all around us

Race finishers
We spent some time at Gleenwood Springs. This visit included an adventure park, rafting, and of course the infamous hot springs


Independence Day 20017

We hosted our third annual Oberly family pancake breakfast this year. It was a huge success, the weather was on our side (not too hot!) and fun was had by all!

the neighborhood kids opened a face painting booth

most of the kids in attendance

Connor make enjoying some sparklers


Sand Dunes 2017

We are coming up on our third anniversary of being CO residents and with so much left to see, we decided we would try and explore some more of this beautiful state. We took the kids camping about an hour away from the Sand Dunes. As usual, they loved sleeping in a tent and did very well:

The next day, we packed up and headed to the Sand Dunes. I have never in my life seen anything quite like this, and pictures truly don't do it justice. We were surrounded by mountain piles of sand. The ground was super hot, and this time of year water is still running down from the snow-capped mountains. The kids enjoyed playing in the water.
We tried to cool down at a hot springs near by, but it was exactly that -- hot. It was beautiful and fun was had by all, and we will definitely visit again!


VBS 2017

This year, Riley was of school age to participate in our church's vacation bible school. So we made it a family affair-- I volunteered and Riley got to be in a small group (and Connor in the preschool program). I was a leader for a group of the sweetest fifth graders. And while I was focusing on giving them the message, it was sweet to be able to see Riley interact with her group from the corner of my eye. She was very invested in the lessons and the worship. And seeing my shy girl just praise the Lord in song and dance was an awesome treat.


Earrings for Riley

Eric and I agreed when Riley was born that we would let her make the decision as to if/when she wanted to get earrings. For the last year, she had been asking us to get her ears pierced, but I would ask her repeatedly if she was sure that she wanted them and she would change her mind. This pattern carried on for a long time until the last week, she asked and we told her to take the week to think about it and if by Friday she doesn't change her mind, we would take her. Not only did she not change her mind, she reminded us daily that Friday would be the day. And in typical Riley fashion, she was tough-- no tears-- and left very smiley at her new accessories.
I got sentimental and asked her if I could take
one last photo of her ears without earring holes

and here is that sweet ear with some new bling.


Run, Van, Run!

On my birthday this year, my sweet neighbors along with a couple of glasses of wine convinced me to commit to running a half marathon. The last time I trained for a half, I found out a week prior that I was pregnant with Connor. So I had to take it easy, and since then I have not been able to run more than 3 miles. I had always had in my mind the goal to attempt another race, and this was it. 

Eric was out of town on a men's retreat, so Chi Hai so graciously flew out with the twins to hang out with my two rugrats while I ran. She even accompanied me to a Zumba event the night before.

cousin time at the pool

Zumba with my sis!

The race was more challenging that I had trained for. While the town where I live is full of hills, the race had a massive incline towards the end. But I kept at it and finished in about 2 and a half hours. Which is probably an hour faster than the last race that I ran.
funny sign that kept me running

cutest cheering squad

finish line!

happy race finisher with family
Training was time consuming and of course tiresome, but with the support of my family, I was able to accomplish a goal that I had put on the back burner. While I would never consider myself a runner, there were times when running felt freeing and therapeutic. So much so, that I have signed up for another race in Aspen this fall!