Dr Seuss Week

This week was Dr. Seuss week at the kids' school. My old, embarrassing ASB self came out and made sure the kids were decked out for every spirit day theme the entire week.
Connor's crazy hair day

Bird girl for crazy hair day

And while the week of dressing up was fun (believe me, I was way more amused than a grown person should be by this), what I will remember most is Riley improving her reading skills. This week motivated her to pick up Dr. Seuss books and practice her sight words and fine tune her sounding out of new words. So proud of my little reader!


Easy Baker Riley

This week, Riley came home just talking non-stop about this "easy bake oven" that she had heard from a friend at school. I don't think she had even seen one before, but she instantly became fascinated by the concept of baking by herself. So she asked if she cracked open her piggy bank and purchase her very own. 

I volunteered to drive Riley to the store to make her purchase. As we stepped out into the garage, she said "mommy, maybe we should take Daddy's truck, in case the oven is too big to fit in your car." The innocence of this statement is something that will stick with me forever.

Her first batch-- she handed out to neighbors

Di Tu supports Riley's hobby by sending goodies