Earrings for Riley

Eric and I agreed when Riley was born that we would let her make the decision as to if/when she wanted to get earrings. For the last year, she had been asking us to get her ears pierced, but I would ask her repeatedly if she was sure that she wanted them and she would change her mind. This pattern carried on for a long time until the last week, she asked and we told her to take the week to think about it and if by Friday she doesn't change her mind, we would take her. Not only did she not change her mind, she reminded us daily that Friday would be the day. And in typical Riley fashion, she was tough-- no tears-- and left very smiley at her new accessories.
I got sentimental and asked her if I could take
one last photo of her ears without earring holes

and here is that sweet ear with some new bling.

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