Riley turns 6

This year, Riley's birthday fell on her Fall break. As it just so happens, work was also sending us back into the office for training. We decided to take this time and use it to travel so that Riley could celebrate her birthday with family. 

sharing some cake with friends on her actual birthday

rock climbing with her cousins

special cake ordered by Grandma
How has it been 6 years since our parenthood journey began? I remember, like it was yesterday, laying in the hospital bed, feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness and nervousness. Before us was this beautiful, perfect little life with limitless potential. I looked at my baby and felt so much joy and hope. And it each passing day has continued to bring so much happiness and love. Riley is a sweet girl. She is bright beyond her years. She loves crafts. Learning appears to come easy to her. She is starting to come out of her shy shell, and attracts friends easily. She is very sweet to her brother. She is kind to animals. She knows more bible verses than I do. She is complex with her emotions. She literally makes me smile every day. I will never know how I got so lucky to be her mom, but I will forever be thankful for it.

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